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Discover our range of Munch Bunch® Fromage Frais made with naturally sourced ingredients and fruit puree fortified with Vitamin D which will awaken your child to new flavours! A portion of 2 small pots contains 100ml of milk.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D
Essential protein
Essential protein


Fromage Frais ( from Milk) 76%*, Cream (from Milk)*, Sugar *, Fruit Purees from concentrate ( 5.0% Strawberry,5.0% Raspberry, 5.0% Apricot)*, Fructose *, Concentrated Lemon Juice*, Maize Starch*, Milk Mineral Concentrate*, Natural Flavourings*, Vegetable Concentrates [(Red Beetroot Juice Concentrate* ( Strawberry),Blackcarrot Concentrate* (Raspberry), Carrot and Pumpkin Concentrate
*(Apricot)], Vitamin D3**
* naturally sourced ingredients
** fortified with Vitamin D3

Nutritional table (per serving)

Energy Fat Saturates Sugars Salt
39kcal 1.2g 0.8g 4.4g 0.04g
2% 2% 4% 5% <1%

Calcium and protein are essential for healthy bone growth. It is important to have a varied and balanced diet as of a healthy lifestyle.

Also available in different flavours